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Could you write a fanfic what could have happened after Danny kissed mindy in the hot pipe room ("I don't know why but I still wanna hit it") ?


Thank God he locked the door when they first came in here. They’ve already discovered how quickly they get carried away with each other, and this time is no different. The hem of her nightgown is around her waist, one of his hands fumbling unsuccessfully with the clasp of her bra while the other has her thigh anchored to his hip.

Neither of them even hears the rattling doorknob or the knocking on the door, but Morgan’s voice manages to break through the fog of arousal surrounding them and Danny reluctantly pulls back from her lips. She whimpers at the loss, then the room is quiet except for the sound of their still heavy breathing.

Her eyes flutter open when he moves his hands to frame her face, and he feels a tightness in his chest as she meets his gaze. It’s a sensation that is both new and familiar all at once, something he’s been experiencing quite a bit in the short time they’ve been together. He sees more than just desire in her eyes. He sees his own feelings reflected back at him, feelings that maybe he hasn’t been able to admit to himself he even has yet, and it’s exhilarating. Terrifying. Breathtaking.

He mutters her name and leans in to kiss her, but he is interrupted again.

"Dr. C? Dr. L? Are you guys in there? Why is the door locked?"

Mindy wants to yell through the door and tell him to go away, but instead she calls out in a low voice, “Yeah, Morgan. I, um… I just needed Danny to help me get something off of a top shelf! I guess one of us must have… accidentally locked the door?”

For some reason, Morgan easily accepts this and leaves, and she stifles a giggle when she suddenly realizes how terrible her lie was because Danny is barely taller than her.

Her right leg is still wrapped around his hip, and she whispers to him, “God, Danny, I can’t believe we actually got away with that. You know, I never knew all this sneaking around would be so hot.”

"Fuck, Mindy." His voice is deep and gravelly. He presses his lips to hers again before lowering her leg back to the floor. He breathes against her lips, "We need to get out of here. We’re at work!"

"Yeah. Yeah, you’re right." She nods, smoothing down her nightgown, and he picks her jacket up from the floor for her. He’s reaching for the door handle when she grabs his hand, "Hey, Danny?"


When he looks back at her, there is a twinkle in her eye. “You wanna take a long lunch today? Maybe… make something at your place?”

Danny smiles and lifts their joined hands to place a kiss on hers. “Definitely.”