I really didn't want to do another rant-y post, but I've been driven to it...





Wow. So now some Mindy Project fans are hoping for a cancellation and don’t want a season 4 because the romance isn’t as YOU wanted? You know what…don’t wish for the death of the show that I LOVE! Please and thank you.

I seriously cannot believe that people who consider themselves fans of this…

Honestly, when I started watching this show I wanted it to be the live-action version of Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? - which, yes, included some stuff about relationships and dreams of growing old with someone else, but had no longing looks or pained angst. I have no problem with UST but if I wanted that primarily there’s no shortage of shows that build themselves up on it. Romantically, I want the scenes that are based on Mindy’s parents, or pre-divorce Amy Poehler and Will Arnett - the scenes that show real-life long-term couples who are also pals.

And I want the humor. I want the generally optimistic, cheerfully, sometimes uncomfortably funny moments that I had reading that book as a twenty-two-year-old girl in an in-between job who recognized her boyfriend as falling in the “boy” side of the “Men vs. Boys” chapter.

And I’m still getting that. I do think the show is a little fast-paced, but hey that’s what rewatches are for.

Honestly I’m loving this season, I really am. There are not enough established relationships on television. We romanticise the beginnings of relationships while telling people they should be looking for something long-term. Seeing how long term actually functions in our stories is so so important.

Also, this season has been hysterical. Yes, the jokes are coming thick and fast. Yes. Danny in particular has been more akin to his Season 1 self than Season 2. But I don’t have a problem with any of that. There’s still plenty here for me to analyse in way too much depth, and plenty for me to giggle at.

The show has always had problematic moments, that isn’t something new to this season. Mindy has always been thoughtless and terrible at social awareness. I think it’s fair enough if some people have had enough of letting that thoughtlessness slide. I mean, really, I’m okay with people not watching for any reason. We all watch for our own reasons and we all evolve past shows. That’s all fine.

But I’m unashamedly loving seeing more of Jeremy, seeing Danny forced to face up to how getting what he wants differs from just wanting it, seeing Mindy at her terrible best. I watch this show for the terrible people and huge liars, and they are all still there ;)

Yes to all of this and more. I hope foxtv looks to the love that 95% of us have for the show rather than the 5% that complain, complain, complain.

Anonymous asked
Gosh those new pics!!!!! romance anyone?


RIGHT?!?!?! These stills are riddled with crazy, stupid love eyes and smiles and it warms my heart so damn much. I’m really, really, REALLY looking forward to hearing/seeing some of the things from the sides too.

Also, Mindy’s va-va-voom hair


and sweaty Danny in the hoodie of hotness (thanks to imadandylioness for that phrase)

plus this face

these faces

and THIS!!!

Brass and Blue - Chapter 3 - PhunkyBrewster - The Mindy Project [Archive of Our Own]


What will Detectives Castellano and Lahiri learn when they question the mysterious Heather? Find out in the third installment of Brass and Blue, which is also available on FFnet!

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God do you think for this episode they will have the pregnancy scare??? I mean , late actually??? They look so cute


omg that is the FIRST thing I thought of. I HOPE so, I really really really hope so, Anon. Prayer circle. 

what is with that HUGE hair?! LOVE.IT.






… she looks like she went to an 80s theme party and danny didn’t show…

also, wasn’t this episode originally called “caramel princess time?” (which i think is still a super title)

thanx to insidethevolt i got the pix from them/her/him


The Mindy Project on E! News
October 20, 2014

Thank you @snarkysara!

You ever get your period? That was a big thing last time we talked.

The Mindy Project, “The One That Got Away” (via gloriagilbertpatch)